Application of ligation clip in hepatobiliary surgery

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Application of ligation clip in hepatobiliary surgery

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In the previous article, we introduced the use of ligation clips in urology and general surgery.However, the application of ligation clips is not limited to the two departments of urology and general surgery. It is possible to use ligation clips in hepatobiliary surgery and gynecological surgery.Today we will introduce some applications of ligation clips in hepatobiliary surgery.

The hepatobiliary department mainly studies hepatocellular carcinoma, hepatolithiasis, posthepatitis cirrhosis and acute liver failure caused by severe hepatitis, which are serious threats to the health of Chinese people.Ligation clips play a role in the treatment of these major diseases.

Titanium Ligating clips: The V-shaped clip made of pure titanium wire or titanium alloy wire, and the inner side of the clamping section of the clip is provided with a transverse groove;The intersection of the clamping segment and the clamping segment into an obtuse Angle of less than 180 degrees;The clamping body side is also provided with at least one groove.


DMD medical have all four sizes Liga-lock clips are supplied with inner serrations that shall enhance their function. They assure proper grip on the tissue and enable its proper nourishment. Proper fixation in the applier is obtained due to the specially designed cross-section of the clip.

Polymer ligating clips:DMD POLY-LOK Ligating Clips are functional medical devices made of nonabsorbable polymer, which combine the versatility of titanium clips and surgical suture. They lead to time saving and easy operation of closing tissue structures, while maintaining the same security level.


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