The production process of ligating clips(I)

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The production process of ligating clips(I)

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Ligating clip, a surgical instrument for ligating and closing tissues and blood vessels in surgical operations, has become an indispensable instrument in surgical operations with its unique intraoperative advantages in recent years.

With the gradual expansion of the market of ligating clips and the increase of demand, most enterprises began to carry out mass production. In order to ensure the quantity and quality of supply, the processing technology of ligation clips was also improved to ensure the stability of product quality while mass production.


Could the stability of product quality be ensured by the improvement of processing technology alone?Of course, the traditional cold runner process is changed to hot runner process, molding process, plastic melt temperature in the runner system can be accurately controlled.Plastic can flow into the cavity in a more uniform state, the result is a consistent quality product.


Cold runner

The cold runner is the part between the mold inlet and the product intersection.Plastic in the flow channel by injection pressure and its own heat to maintain the flow state, the flow channel is a part of the molding material.


1】easy to use

2】Acrylate or propyl carbonate to reduce the amount of light that can be passed through the injection passage;Avoid the visible ribbon effect of injection in certain areas


1】Waste of raw materials;

2】The production process is a little complicated;

3】Not suitable for multi-cavity systems.




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