How do laparoscopic instruments perform functional tests? (I)

How do laparoscopic instruments perform functional tests? (I)

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Functional classification of laparoscopic instruments:


With the development of minimally invasive surgery, there are more and more varieties of laparoscopic instruments. At present, there are dozens of laparoscopic surgeries, including almost all traditional surgeries. The functions of laparoscopic instruments are more and more comprehensive, and each instrument has its special purpose.  


Basic functions can be divided into the following categories:

1. Cutting (electric hook, ultrasonic knife, high-frequency electric knife)

2. Hemostasis (electrocoagulation rod, bipolar electrocoagulation)

3. Holding (no endoscopic damage, endoscopic release forceps, large grasping forceps)

Step 4 Dilate or probe (urethral probe)

5. Air injection (pneumatic tube, pneumatic needle)

6. Suture or ligation (needle holder, closure device)

7. Observation (various optical eyepieces and choledochoscopes)

8. Occlusion of blood vessels (Titanium clip, LOCK clamp, absorbable clamp)

9. Puncture (trocar, etc.)


Laparoscopic instrument function examination:


In the face of so many complex devices with unique functions, CSSD is not only a challenge to ensure the quality of cleaning, but also a challenge to check the function of devices.


The need for functional inspection:

1. The standards for the treatment of medical products must be checked and tested for the necessary structural and functional characteristics of the products. An instrument can only be used in surgery if it is performing ideally.                      

2. Medical device users should establish medical device maintenance management system. Medical devices that need regular inspection, inspection, calibration, maintenance and maintenance shall be inspected, tested, calibrated, maintained and recorded in accordance with the requirements of the product manual, and analyzed and evaluated in time to ensure that the medical devices are in good condition.

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